All Purpose Cleaner

Case of 4 (1) Gallon bottles. For all GPW and HPW units. An excellent biodegradable grease emulsifier, Goodway's APC-100 All-Purpose Cleaner is specifically designed to be used with hi-pressure washers.

Coil shine

CoilShine is safer, a non-acidic blend of powerful, fast acting detergents, specifically formulated to clean even the dirtiest evaporator and condenser coils. This cleaner features powerful cleaning agents and degreasers plus an expanding and self advancing foam formula designed to penetrate coil beds. . It is nontoxic, allowing for safe handling and is safer than acids or highly caustic cleaners on coils and on workers.

Goodway's Scale Break

Goodway's ScaleBreak safely dissolves mineral deposits faster than any other liquid descaler on the market. This industrial biodegradable descaler will quickly dissolve calcium, lime, rust, lithium carbonate and other types of deposits from passages in water cooled or heated equipment like chiller tubes, flywheels, boiler tubes, heat exchangers and so much more.



Goodway offers a wide variety of high quality brushes to match your tube cleaning applications. Choose from a selection of materials to eliminate debris in your tubes, from light scale and deposits to heavy scale and debris. Most brushes are available in standard threaded or Goodway's patented quick connect coupling.

Tube Guard

TubeGuard-XL is a revolutionary addition to your chiller tube cleaning job. This formulated tablet design is the best available technology for corrosion inhibition of copper and ferrous metal tubes.The TubeGuard-XL tablet is safe to handle, completely biodegradable and designed with environmentally friendly chemicals.

Cooling Tower Filter System

Replacement filter for CTV-F2 Cooling tower filter system. Available in single pack or six pack.

Other Equipment

Flexible Shaft- 703

Flexible Shaft with Nylon Casing for wet tube cleaning applications. Fits tubes 9/16"-1" (14.3-25.4mm) I.D. Available with standard threaded or Quick Connect brush fittings.
Please Note: Shafts are available in a variety of options to match your specific tube cleaner. Please choose your Tube Cleaner model and brush fitting coupling type for proper sizing.

Tube Cleaning Combination Air Lubricator, Filter and Regulator

Air-operated equipment will last longer and run more efficiently with proper treatment of the air supply. Note: All modules have 1/2" npt ports. Maximum pressure 15O PSI (10 BAR). Maximum temperature 140F (60C). Air displacement 140 CFM (3.9 m3/min).

Flexible Shaft Repair Kits

For Goodway Flexible Shafts. Flexible shaft repair kits include 4 drive end repair couplings, 4 thrust washers, 4 tool/brush end repair couplings, 1 crimping tool with punch, 1 flexible shaft lubricator with quick disconnect, and 2 bottles [16 ounces (0.5 liter) each] of lubricant for flexible shaft lubricator. Match your shaft model number and connection.